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About Me ...

About me ...

I am 35 years old, and Viennese by birth. After my studies of Technical Mathematics at UT Vienna, I have worked at PROFACTOR, a research company in Steyr (Austria), for three years. Currently, I am employed as a software developer at Agfa HealthCare.

During my holidays, I love to explore foreign (and, if possible, far away) countries. I have already spent my vacations on six different continents, and have also travelled all around the globe in a RTW trip.

As far as my everyday life back home is concerned, I enjoy meeting with friend, for example for playing board games. I also enjoy going dancing (although quite rarely). However, I prefer dancing rather on balls than in the disco.

Concerning sports, I am not really a sportsman. However, I have just recently discovered the joy of inline skating. Moreover, I like to go biking and skiing every once in a while. Finally, I might also go hiking in the Austrian alps – after all, beautiful scenery cannot only be found abroad!

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Name? Bernhard Kabelka


Born on? August 13, 1981
Born in? Vienna (Austria)
Current place of residence? Vienna (Austria)
eMail address? bernhard @ kabelka . net
(Because of receiving a lot of spam, I was unfortunately forced to remove all e-mail links from my website.)
Website? http://fsmat.at/~bkabelka/english/
Blog? http://bernies-journeys.at/en/
School? High School GRG XXI, Franklinstraße 21
(Alternative) Military Service? Zivildienst at the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs, Gruppe Floridsdorf-Donaustadt (February 2000 to January 2001)
Studies? Technical Mathematics at the Vienna University of Technology (October 1999 to June 2005, with a one year break for the "Zivildienst")
Job? Software Developer at Agfa HealthCare
Biggest Hobby? Mathematics ;-)
What else? Travelling, Playing games, dancing (especially at balls), going to the cinema, going to musicals, playing billiard, playing computer games, reading books (especially fantasy à la Pratchett or Tolkien, but also Michael Crichton or Donna Léon), working on my homepage, going skiing, riding my bicycle