Die Geschichte der R.M.S. Titanic

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Final Remarks

In the years after the disaster, numerous memorials have been erected to honour the captain, the officers, the band, as well as certain crew members and passengers. However, even without these memorials, the Titanic would still be remembered: It is true that there have (unfortunately) been worse maritime disasters since 1912, nevertheless the story of the Titanic has outlasted them all. It lives on in hundreds of books, in films, in musicals, and even in computer games – and in people's minds: They are fascinated by the human drama (ordinary people perform acts of bravery and self-sacrifice), the technological arrogance, and the unresolved mysteries. They wonder how they would have reacted and what they would have done in such a situation. It reminds us that "if anything bad can happen, it will."
In 1963, several Titanic enthusiasts founded the Titanic Historical Society (THS) which has today over five thousand members all over the world. The society owns several artefacts of the Titanic (not those which were recovered from the wreck, but those that were rescued by survivors), such as the lifebelt worn by Mrs. Astor. It publishes the quarterly magazine The Titanic Commutator, and organises so-called Titanic conventions every now and then where Titanic enthusiasts and the remaining survivors come together to remember the disaster.
Titanic memorabilia are auctioned off at very high prices, for instance a postcard for 23,000 dollars, a deck of cards for 50,000 dollars, and a couple of telegrams for 123,500 dollars!
So, the Titanic is still a fascinating subject – even more than 90 years after her sinking.